Ion-select - Unable to get selected value

Hi guys I have a problem with ion-select in ionic-v3 :frowning: sometimes when I click to select (date in my case) I can’t see it. it’s always happen

  1. when I first time get inside ion-select
  2. if one date doesn’t work, and I click on that again, it will not work, but if I click on some other
    date and again on that which I need, it works fine.

I don’t know what to do :frowning:


Can it be the case that your [(ngModel)] binding is competing with something you are doing with deliveryDate when there is a change (ionChange)?

As a general practice you either use ngModel or (xxx) bindig combined with […] binding. But not both.

We may also need to see a bit more code, especially the ts part of things

…and if you’re going to post more code, please post it as text. Screenshots of text ruin the usability of the forums.

it’s not problem with binding i guess, because if i use it like this, still have same bug :frowning:

{{ deliveryDate.format('DD.MM.Y (dddd)') }}