Problems on android 5.1.1

Hi all,

A little help if possible.

I’ve run my app, on the genymotion emulator using a 5.1 device, works fine. I have two tablet one using 4.2 and I think the other uses 4.4 both work.

The app works on iOS also.

However I get the following error on a friends phone (sony z3) using 5.1.1

Any ideas on a fix?

Ok, a little more data.

When I run, ionic run android - on either an emulator or a device, the app seems to work fine, however, when I take the resulting android-debug.apk and attempt to install that directly on a device or an emulator it fails.


this happens when you use live reload

ionic run android -l

After you quit the server, the app will continue to look for the server and give the alert.

This happens as the build’s index page is referenced from the server and not file://

Ah ok, so if I just run, ionic build android, this won’t be an issue? Is the apk different if it’s built as part of the run command with -l?

yes. the apks are little different. The start page location is different in both cases.

Ionic run android & ionic run android -l are different.

thank you appreciate it.