External url content in ionic app

dear all,

we are trying to load a external webpage in our ionic app through a modal page. inappbrowser is not a good fit for us and it is conflicting with other thirdpart plugins which we can not avoid. how to render external web content inside the app ? like jquery ajax ?


Hi @jnm!

Not sure if it will fit your needs but, have you considered using an iframe using the full width and height of the modal?


Hello FdezRomero,

thanks for the reply. we could not make iframe work either

the thing is that in app browser works just fine in iOS, in android, it turns the screen (which is essentially a browser control in ionic 3 app) to blank.

Even though nobody has faced this before, any tips on how to debug this problem will definitely help us


Resolve the conflicts with the third party plugins.

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Now, I am in a situation, where the same code in iPhone opens in in app browser, where as in android, it opens in external browser ! why so ? I am close to finishing this, but this android issue is a blocker !