Problems after updating to version 7

Hi, everyone :
This is the data of my project,
Ionic CLI: Version 7.1.1. The Ionic CLI is the command-line interface for Ionic development.
NodeJS: Version v16.14.0. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment.
npm: Version 9.2.0. npm is the package manager for Node.js.
OS: Windows 10. Indicates the operating system you’re using.
native-run: Version 1.7.2. It is a utility used to run native platform builds.
cordova-res: Version 0.15.4. A utility for generating Cordova resources.
Capacitor CLI: Version 5.0.4. Capacitor CLI is the command-line interface for Capacitor, a cross-platform app runtime.
@capacitor/core: Version 5.0.4. Part of Capacitor, it provides the core functionality.
@capacitor/ios: Version 5.0.4. A Capacitor plugin for iOS platform support.
@capacitor/android: Version 5.0.4. A Capacitor plugin for Android platform support.
Ionic Framework: Version @ionic/react 7.0.9. The Ionic Framework is used for building cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies.
I’m trying to perform the notification actions or Action Sheet and I really have a problem with the display.
See an example

It doesn’t show me the text and the OK, Cancel buttons