Problem: "Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies"

After 3 years that my app is on Play Store, I just got this message from Google:

After a recent review, we found that your app Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • SPLIT_BUNDLE 400038: Policy Declaration - Data Safety Section: Device Or Other IDs Data Type - Device Or Other IDs (some common examples may include Advertising ID, Android ID, IMEI, BSSID) is not compliant with one or more of our Developer Program Policies. See below for more information about your app’s status and how to correct the issue.

Do you know what and where to check?
Maybe it’s some of the installed plugins, like the device token for capacitor push notification or capacitor google signin?

than you

More than likely it is what you said.

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Did you fill the “Data safety” section of the " App content" section of your app on Google Play Console?

Yes i did, but apparentely i missed something, I’ve compiled it again and waiting for their reponse

What was the more information below? That may have your answer.

I’ve updated all the requested data, let’s see what happens

We had the same issue, we has to fill the user data policy twice!

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