Problem with xcode project: "The folder "Images.xcassets" doesn't exist

I run “ionic platform add ios” then “ionic resources” and try to open the generated .xcode project on Xcode.

Right away Xcode gives me the “The folder ‘Images.xcassets’ doesn’t exist” message twice in a dialog.

Buildtime says:
Asset Catalog Compiler Error
-None of the input catalogs contained a matching app icon set named “AppIcon”.
-None of the input catalogs contained a matching launch image set named “LaunchImage”.

Is it a bug with Ionic xcode project generation or something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Run ionic resources and add the ios platform again.

I tried in that order, but it results the same :C

I could solve it by unmounting the windows shared folder on the OSX VM and mounting it again. Aparently mac os wasn’t updating the project’s directory content.