Copying icon and splashscreen during Xcode archive fails

I am running an iMac on my Windows PC through VMWare. Everything seems to work fine, except for this problem. I’ve been searching for a day for the solution and I’m stuck.

I’m running an ionic cordova build ios --production, then loading the Xcode file into Xcode 9 and trying to Archive it.

This causes 39 errors that say "/Users/myuser/src/myapp/ Failed to write image data for the launch image set from “LaunchImage.launchimage/Default-Portrait@2x~ipad.png” to “/Users/myuser/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/myapp-bxfktelxzsjxmucbhnaiktrvfdae/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ArchiveIntermediates/myapp/InstallationBuildProductsLocation/Applications/”.

It looks to me like this maybe has something to do with permissions?

Can someone help me understand what I’m doing wrong here?