Xcode uploading ionic app to apple issues

Hi! Everybody!

Can someone help me please?
That’s make a long since i face this problem, when i try to upload my app to apple, they say that:

"“Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key ‘CFBundleIconFiles’: icon.png”

Waiting for your help! Thank you

Having the same problem and cannot deploy an app.

This is is a big issue since I can’t upload an app to the app store.

I have also added a post relating to this…

In Xcode, check Build Phases->Copy Bundle Resources, maybe you resolve…

Literally just fixed this actually, I’ve been looking into it for a few hours. It seems that Xcode has changed the way icons and splash screens are bundles into this new assets file, and the Ionic or Cordova build uses this new way.

However it has not removed the parameter from the app’s .plist file which means, when uploading to the app store, it is looking for files from the old way which don’t exist.

What is the process to resolve it?
Please! Give me the steps!
I run all the web to get a solution, but i didn’t find nothing, i hope that i will find something there.

After you run ionic build ios, go to yourAppDirectory/platforms/ios/yourApp/yourApp-info.plist and remove the <key> and <string> values for CFBundleIconFile

Hope this helps you! :slightly_smiling:

Such a pain! I hope this gets fixed soon in the ionic CLI!!!

Please help @mhartington (P.s. Sorry for tagging you)

This has been fixed in cordova-ios 4.1.0


npm install -g cordova

ionic platform rm ios

ionic platform add ios@4.1.0

I was running just ionic platform add ios which added cordova-ios@4.0.1

I have just run the commands you suggested and the problem unfortunately still occurs even when specifically adding cordova-ios@4.1.0


Yup, adding cordova 4.1.0 doesn’t help.

There seem to only be 2 solutions:
a) remove that key from the plist
b) Manually add icon.png from Images.xcassets to the bundle

Yeah, I just manually removed the CFBundleIcon keys from the plist. A bit annoying though.

Hey @mbrookson @mhartington @pliablepixels along with this CFBundleIcon error i’m also facing ITunesSoftwareServiceAuthenticationErrorDomain error 434 this error from last 2 days on validating & uploading app to APP STORE…