Problem with title bar readjusting on iOS


When I run my application on an iOS simulator or device, the title bar first shows up right underneath the clock. Then about half a second later it readjusts down just a little to a more appropriate spot. I would like the application to start out with the title at the readjusted position right away.

I tried fixing this by removing the cordova status bar plugin but that didn’t help. This problem does not occur either on the browser or for Android. Using the status bar plugin to doesn’t help.

Right now my xcode settings has ‘Requires full screen’ enabled and ‘Hide status bar’ disabled (I think its default) but I’m not sure if that matters.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


So I’m not sure if this was the issue but I had two versions of the social sharing plugin installed on accident when I did an ionic prepare. I removed one of them and the problem is now gone.