Ionic status bar: wrong top margin with ios statusbar plugin

We have a problem using the statusbar-plugin in our ionic project.

The has extra space to the top.

This is only the case when the statusbar-plugin is activated an set to . If we set the overlapping to “true”, our is fine. But then the ios7 statusbar is overlapping the ionic “ion-side-menu”.

We have tested several ways, including accessing the statusbar-plugin via xml and javascript, hiding the bar, colouring it etc. We have removed the plugin, added it again, built up a fresh project etc. Nothing helped.

We are at a point where wo don’t know what to do. Maybe someone had the ame problem with cordova / ionic / ios7 and the status bar and is able to tell us what we can do. Maybe fix the problem directly, native in iOS, fixing the webview or the viewport.

Thank you

this post may help you.