Title Bar Height Issue (iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5)

I am building an app using Ionic and the Intel XDK. Right now I am testing out how the app will work on my iPhone 4S. Everything seems to be working except the title bar/header. It is enlarged (to accommodate the iPhone 5 status bar overlaying the app) even though it is a 4S. I know that since the Intel XDK does some things to add to Cordova that it is a bit different. My original project had the Cordova plugin for Device but I think the XDK is ignoring it or there is a different issue. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

One more note here: I’m using the Ionic Seed as the starting point for my app (v. 0.9.27)

Would you be able to test with the nightly build? I recently made some changes to how the header bar adjusts to the device, but haven’t gotten word back from anyone else that reported issues:

Adam, the latest nightly still doesn’t fix this issue:

I added a comment there last week describing how to replicate the problem. It fails on iOS7 devices running 7.0 or 7.1, with a tall display (5, 5S) or original aspect ratio (tested on iPhone 4).

I loaded the latest version and initially it didn’t work. Then I saw in your other post that you need to run ionic.Platform.fullScreen(); I put that in my code and it solved my issue. Thanks so much!