Ionic Appflow deploy service not working - Failed to load

I have created and app with Ionic Appflow and wanted to use live update feature on this.

I got below error on console and live updates are not reflecting in app after deploying build.

Failed to load Response for preflight does not have HTTP ok status.

Steps I followed:

Set up Ionic Deploy with command

ionic deploy add \--app-id="5xxxxxxx" \--channel-name="Production" \--update-method="background"

In package.json file under plugins it got added as below:
“cordova-plugin-ionic”: {
“APP_ID”: “–app-id=“5xxxxxxx” \”,
“CHANNEL_NAME”: “Production”,
“UPDATE_METHOD”: “background”,
“MAX_STORE”: “2”,

Please let me know what could be the cause or missed any step?


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Getting this issue also. Anyone resolve it?

The package.json isn’t where the information goes.

You’ll need to update your info.plist and strings.xml … If you need an example. I’ll post mine.

How are you testing this, in a web browser?