Problem with Ionic website

Did not want to post it here but could not see contact details for website manager:

Here is my browser display of the blog page:

Should been your cache.
Try deleting your cache and it will be fixed.

No - went incognito and same result.

At my side it’s working.

Something is being blocked, top right in your address bar. Also, try checking the console, any errors?

You are right it says “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”

but that is really no excuse for poor website display.

Ofcourse it is.
Your browser is blocking external includes from the Ionic website.
So allow them and it’s fixed.

I disagree if you display an link on the top of your website - you should ensure it is view-able by any user.

I disagree with you.
That your security profile in your browser is over the-top is your fault.
If you decide in your security profile to block other resources from an extern adress it’s your decision.

Ionic can’t do much about it.
You have to set your browser settings as default if you don’t want that this happens more often.

I have never set my security profile - so I would guess it is the default setting when Chrome was installed (or perhaps it gave me the option during the installation process).

Anyway - why should a simple blog display require special script approval?

Maybe an external image loading in or some external loading in CSS/Javascript.

Let’s first figure out if it even works when you allow it … Does it?

Was anything in the console?

Yes if I click on “load unsafe scripts” it looks fine.

Perhaps it is just me - are my expectations of the Ionic organisation too high!

I think you’re being completely unreasonable. Something is being flagged, and it’s only on your end, it’s working fine for us. I don’t think it’s fair to push all the blame on the Ionic team for this, certainly when we don’t know exactly why anything is being flagged in the first place. I get that it says UNSAFE, but it really doesn’t say why it’s unsafe?

The problem is that @JAR19 is opening - note the s in https instead of the actual URL The images are loading from which is NOT https and another domain, so recent users block these requests.

As long as Ionic doesn’t link to this https URL, everything is fine.
Someone can still report it here:


Nice catch! It was as simple as looking at the console and all you see is Mixed Content errors :upside_down:

I was just clicking on the blog link!

Then add that information to the issue you open on the website Git repository.

@JAR19, though I think maybe you were slightly harsh in your criticisms of Ionic and their website, your avatar is absolutely hilarious. Sorry to post off-topic, but that cracked me up

At the time I did not have a photo of myself and this is one of the images from the language app I am trying to complete in Ionic.

There is just something about that face!