Rc1 - Browser - Page loading Issues

I will see if I can describe this without being too confusing. I am running in Chrome and I have multiple browser tabs open. When I refresh my app/or it refreshes after changes, if I am not viewing that browser tab, it doesn’t refresh correctly. In the instance that I am not logged into my app, it shows my login page with some weird formatting issues. The content is behind the header despite having a resize on the content. If I am logged in, it just shows a blank page that has “Ionic App” as the title of the page despite that not being the right title. If I hit F5 and stay on that tab, everything loads correctly. So basically if I don’t physically watch the page load, they don’t load correctly or at all. Has anyone else observed this behavior? It has followed me from beta 6 to RC1. I don’t have any console errors or build errors and the app works fine once it does refresh correctly. My app uses tabs and a side menu combined.