Problem with ion-items in beta.4


Since upgrading our project to beta.4, i’m seeing issues with list items containing h2 and p-tags, something like this:

<button ion-item (click)="...">

As you know, this translates to something like this in runetime:

<button class="item" ion-item="">
  <div class="item-inner">

Problem is with the click handling. From beta.4, it seems like the ion-label-element doesn’t properly pass the click event to the button element. When you tap the button outside the label, it gets highlighten as it should, but if you tap on the label, it doesn’t. Further more, if you tap on the label, you also get the dredded 300ms click delay.

In beta.3, this works just fine. I can’t find anything in the change log that could explain this. Any ideas?

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experiencing the same issue

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I have the same issue.

I have exactly the same issue since beta4, clicking/touching on the text does nothing.

I believe that this is related to the following issue (which should be fixed in beta.5):