Bad response on touch click on ion-item and div elements

I’m using Ionic 3 and testing on iOS, and I’ve noticed that on ion-item and div elements the touch click doesn’t respond well, as you have to touch it several times to execute the (click) method, which is very annoying. In comparison, button clicks are much better and always respond well. Below is a sample code for ion-items and div element.

I have a feeling I’m doing something wrong here. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

<div class="elemet" (click)="runMethod()">Button</div>

      <ion-item class="add-list-item" (click)="addStage('type')" value='type'><ion-icon class="list-icon-left" name="name" item-left></ion-icon><div class="list-text-div"><p class="p-big">Name</p><p class="p-sub">Some test here</p></div><ion-icon class="list-icon-right" name="ios-arrow-forward" item-right></ion-icon></ion-item>

I would advise just using buttons for elements that are intended to trigger an action when clicked. This problem goes away, and your UI is more intuitive as well.

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Try this:

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