1.0.0-beta14: Using item-toggle in <ion-item> correctly, item is not clickable

Hi all,

I have created this CodePen example: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/YXKjwM

We have been struggling to use an item-toggle in a <ion-item> listing. I encountered the issue that in the Ionic styling a pointer-events: none is set.

When I add the style pointer-events: visible to the <ion-item> the toggle checkbox is working. When I remove this custom style line the item isn’t clickable anymore (href is not working).

At this moment we are on 1.0.0-beta14 but when I test the same on nightly even different issues occur. Then the item is clickable, but the toggle checkbox is not working anymore.

Does anyone know how to correctly let both work for this beta version and the latest version once we upgrade?