Problem with icons - iOS displays phonegap icons


can anyone help me solve problems with icons? On android everything work fine but when I publish app on mac an upload to iphone 4 with xcode cell phone displays phonegap icon like as application icon in menu.

Have some idea?

Solved my problem by manual replace icons in path app/platforms/ios/[projectName]/Resources/icons .

Unfortunately, replacing all the icons in all directories and sub directories did not help me. On iOS it still shows me the phonegap icon for the app icon and also for the splash screen. Where is this icon compiled in the package? Is there a cache to delete? What I’m doing wrong? I despair.

It works for me to adjust the splash with ionic resources. (only with a psd extension)
It also updates my icon.
However, when I execute the cli ionic build android it uses the old app icon.

How can I update the icon as the build doesnt include the new icon.png in the following folders:
root project/resources/icon.png
root project/resources/android/icon.png

the icon is 1024x1024

Can someone please help me out with this?