'ionic package build android' icon and splash screen issues

I have built my splash screen and icons using

ionic resources

When I call the following I get builds that result in the icon and splash screen displaying properly…

ionic build android
ionic package build ios

However, when I call

ionic package build android

it results in a build that is showing the default cordova icon and splash screen, and not using my generated files.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Hi Bigtourist,

You can replace the image in the folder with your Splash and Icon, Hope this can help.
Let me know if you need additional information.
Happy Holidays!


I had the same issue couple of weeks ago, tried every solution I found on forums and nothing helped.

Unfortunately I ended up generating my icons and splash image using the ionic resources command and then manually dragging the images to the platforms/android/res folders. Don’t forget to change the image names to ‘icon.png’.

Some say it is a cache ‘bug’, others suggest you reinstall platforms and redo resources, but my only solution was the one I described.

The issue is with the ionic.io cloud package command, the local build does not have this issue.

I did try copying the image files, tried both icon.png and icon.psd, tried calling the

ionic package build android

…both with the local android platform added, and with it removed.

Is anyone using the cloud package command succesfully getting their icon and splash screen to display?

Still no luck with this.

Is anyone NOT having this problem an Ionic 1 project?

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Issue still persists.
The package service don’t recognize icon/splash while build the .ipa/.apk