Problem validate app iOS


Community have a problem. I am trying to validate my app in iOS, had never worked in an ios app, the thing is that I am following a tutorial to create the certificates and all that is needed for and raise. In the step of validating the app in xcode I get an error that says

"No Software with CFBundleIdentifier of ‘com.ionicframework.entelios936555’ exits. Verify your identifier is correct. If it is, you need to log into May Itunes Connect to create application.

I do not understand this part, is that I have not yet created my application connect to my Itunes, however, have a Bundle identifier think. Before validating the app I have to create my app in my account to upload? As I can deliver that code ‘com.ionic …’ my app in my itunes account ??

I am a novice at this, any step recommended or something you are doing wrong I would like to know.

Thank you!


This maybe for an older version of xcode, but the idea is basically the same through out all versions.


thnks mike!! :smiley: