Build failed Ionic Package iOS

I get: Check dependencies
Code Sign error: No code signing identities found: No valid signing identities (i.e. certificate and private key pair) were found.
when trying to build with Ionic Package.
I have a ‘green light’ for iOS on $ionic security profile list

Any ideas?

You need to have an Apple developer account. create the relevant certs then download the certs and install them into your keystore.

this guide may help -

Hi, thanks. I got it to work now.
But I get shitloads of error messages…
I have done a Android compile and that is ok
Is it the Ionic Package?


Without knowing the error messages its hard to guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. It’s pages after pages. To long to paste in here.
I copied out to a webpage:

You gotta be kidding me.
I have success!!! Just love Ionic. Now, lets see if I can get my app published to Store.

Btw. It’s enormous, 47 mb (Android is 25) Why is that?

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