Problem updating to beta 12 with command line

Hello, if I update the library of my project from beta 11 to 12 using the command ionic lib update the file ionic.bundle.js seems to be broken. I’ve tried twise, same result.

Strange content at line 506, if I download manually the zip the library is correct, may be the zip for lib update is damaged?

// pointer type
  ionic.Gestures.POINTER_MOUSE = ‘mouse’;
  ionic.Gestures.POINTER_TOUCH = ‘touch’;
  ie, delta_x, delta_y) {
      return {
        x: Math.abs(delta_x / delta_time) || 0,
        y: Math.abs(delta_y / delta_time) || 0

Bye, Paolo.

I’ve compared the files of the zip dowloaded manually with the files of the lib update and more then one file have different size…

As I have seen in the fortum, you must first update the Ionic CLI to the newest version:

npm update -g ionic

already done before, i’ve ionic CLI v1.2.5-beta1, but does not seems strange the different content of the zip downloaded manually from the other downloaded by lib update? there are some js with different size and content with errors.