Problem ipv6 app store


When I send my application to validate the app store, I get the answer:

Performance - 2.1

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network.

Specifically, the app content failed to load.

The steps to reproduce are:

  • Launch the app
  • A blank screen is displayed
  • No further action takes place.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference.

But my api does have an IPv6 AAAA record ? Can you help me?


Update All of the plugins with latest and check if any of your code is pointing to a physical IP address. I did face same problem but soon comes to know that facebook plugin causing the problem. I removed it temporaryly the app got published. I again updated with latest plugin and republish the app. It got published