App Store need IPv6 Network

Hi Everyone,

Few days before i was submitted my app to app store but they are rejected my application because my application do not work in ipv6 network. anyone help me to solve this issue…



Same issue here.

it’s server side issue?

Thank you

please check your domain name ( whether the ipv6 address (AAAA) is resolved or not

I thought Ionic2/Cordova apps wouldn’t have issues, but looks like they do, at least on Apple’s test environment. I only found a few posts about apps being rejected for lack of IPv6 compatibility, some were with native apps, others with Cordova. On the few posts about Cordova, I found one that suggested using a specific plugin: cordova-HTTP. And sure thing, after using it, there was no IPv6 issue on Apple’s side anymore. Maybe using the new WKWebFrom from Ionic will help with this problem. It’s quite weird that UIWebView doesn’t work with IPv6.

We had this issue with the server our database (couchdb/ pouchdb) was being served from. We created an IPV6 server/ droplet using and all went through okay with Apple.