App Rejected with iOS IPv6 network

Yesterday, I submit my app for review, but I got this message from apple :

1.0 Binario rechazado
Performance - 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad and iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an

    Performance - 2.1

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad and iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network.

Specifically, your app launches to a blank page.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference.

Next Steps

Please run your app on a device while connected to an IPv6 network (all apps must support IPv6) to identify the issue(s), then revise and resubmit your app for review.

If we misunderstood the intended behavior of your app, please reply to this message in Resolution Center to provide information on how these features were intended to work.

For new apps, uninstall all previous versions of your app from a device, then install and follow the steps to reproduce the issue(s). For updates, install the new version as an update to the previous version, then follow the steps to reproduce the issue(s).


For information about supporting IPv6 Networks, please refer to Supporting IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks and About Networking

If you have difficulty reproducing a reported issue, please try testing the workflow described in Technical Q&A QA1764: How to reproduce bugs reported against App Store submissions.

If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resources, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide:

  • complete details of your rejection issue(s)
  • screenshots
  • steps to reproduce the issue(s)
  • symbolicated crash logs - if your issue results in a crash log

My server is still in local network, using like that can be a problem? Somebody know how to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Hey, same here. Did you find the solution?

Are you hard coding IPv4 addresses in your application? If so, switch them to DNS. That way they can support IPv6 as well as IPv4.

Hey thx for the feedback. Nope nothing hardcoded.

I call DNS Address thru Https.
My server is an AWS EC2.

I tested my API with and that is correct, it’s using an IPv4 even if I’m querying my api using DNS address.

As far as I understand, AWS only support IPv6 on EC2 using VPC since begin of the month and only in the region “Ohio”. I’m not willing to move my servers there now (since my target is Europe).

I also read that Amazon ELD do support IPv6, so maybe the solution is to put an ELD in the front.

Anyone configured his Amazon server with IPv6 or has any tips and tricks or ideas?

Ok so for the record, finally I just did nothing, I didn’t touch my server at Amazon, they are still running on an EC2 with IPv4.

I think there is a general misunderstood about this msg from Apple. They don’t ask every servers on the planet to run on IPv6 but they ask each app to be able to handle IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 networks. If you query your server thru DNS even if it served with IPv4 it’s fine, as long as it also work on an IPv6 network.

To know if your app is compatible, you could follow following tests they provide (see Test for IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Compatibility Regularly)

Furthermore, in my particular case, they weren’t any problem except that when they tested for the first time my app, the Facebook login didn’t succeed because my Facebook app wasn’t yet public. Therefore I guess that every time Apple gonna face any kind of network error, they just gonna send that msg topic “Performance - 2.1” which also contains the paragraph about IPv6.

To summarize: I published my Facebook app, built and sent a new build to Apple, waited a week because of Xmas holidays et voilà :slight_smile:

I had same issue with my app submission with iOS. I had application on AWS Elastick beanstalk with load balancer. I removed load balancer and resubmitted the app and it was approved. Currently i am not expecting too many users but i might have to switch to EC2 if AWS doesn’t support IPv6 on Elastick beanstalk load balancer. I heard IPv6 is in private beta. I hopefully we will have good news soon. My fingers are crosses.

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