Problem installing Crosswalk

I am having trouble install Crosswalk.

I have Cli v.1.3.3 installed and when I try to install Crosswalk, I get the following error:

“Fetching Android SDK API 19.1.0
Had an error fetching the Android SDK required for Crosswalk. (CLI v1.3.3)”

I have API 19 and build tools 19.1 installed and it seems that I am the only person seeing that error.

I have managed to install it on OSX but I am clueless about what to do on Ubuntu Cli. Can someone help me out?

I have the same problem. I have installed android SDK 19.1.0 and 20 and configured ANDROID_HOME. Any ideas?

To solve this problem in my case, I have added sdk_dir/tools (location of android.bat) to env path on Windows.


Yes. That fixed it. Thank you!