Private Repositories using SSH on Build?

My cordova application references 2 private repositories for my company as our React app is located in a separate repo. Our cordova application is just a wrapper around our React app. Because of this we typically utilize ssh for private repo access. In the build process, it looks like it’s not able to fetch the private repositories even though they are accessible using the same github account as is connected through our appflow account.

I have attempted to switch the package.json from using ssh to using https with the GIT_CREDENTIALS environment variable as specified in the documentation. This was unsuccessful and does not install the private repository as I believe others have stated as well. I also even attempted to hard code (bad practice) the token into package.json with git+ This was also unsuccessful and does not pull down the private repository.

I had previously been using codepush with a github action which allowed me to setup ssh for the workflow and allowed access to the private repositories on npm install or npm ci. Is this possible with appflow to have a setup ssh step prior to executing npm ci for the repository?