Ionic capacitor app npm will not pull from private repository in build

Hi, we’ve made an app, and are testing the waters with appflow. The integration works, and the dashboard sees the application, commits and everything, but when we try to build it, it cannot fetch two private repositories through npm. Works fine locally

both app, and the two custom packages are on bitbucket, on the same workspace.


    "@company/custom-components": "git+"

Works fine locally with npm install, but through build on ionic dashboard it throws

[12:01:49]: ▸ npm ERR!
[12:01:49]: ▸ npm ERR! remote: Invalid username or password

Tried: changing between ssh and https. Npm will put ssh in the lock file regardless, but hardcoding https in lock is the same result.

Npm v8

Tried creating a secret env called GIT_CREDENTIALS following this guide Using private Git repositories - Appflow


Any ideas?

Ionic apparently does not support something as vital as this. 500 dollars a month MINIMUM for the basic package and this is NOT a feature…?!

what is failing here is NPM, not git, try setting NPM_TOKEN

Thank you jcesarmobile,

Yes, it’s npm who can’t pull from our private bitbucket repositories, they’re not hosted on npm, so I cannot make a npm token.

Ionics support message thus far has been that it is not possible right now…