Popup in modal window has no lightbox effect

The title is self explanatory for the issue I am seeing in the latest beta4.

What device are you using? Can you try this with the nightly builds?

I am using nexus 5. I will try the nightly this evening and post the results here. Thanks for your quick reply.

its same in the nightly

Ionic Package: nightly 1.0.0-beta.4-nightly-2042 (2014-05-09)

Same thing happens when you use $ionicLoading inside a modal (ios7.1)

Having the same problem here. The issue is that both the lightbox overlay and the modal have a z-index of 10, but the modal is declared after the lightbox. To get around the issue temporarily I’m just overriding the z-index of the lightbox to 11.

Sorry about taking a bit to get back to you, checking it out right now

Got it, its a z-index issue. I’ll open an issue for this, but for now, add this for a temporary fix. Let me know if it works

.backdrop {
   z-index: 11;

Well, this works partly because by changing z-index, i can see the backdrop now but the backdrop allows click through and thus the popup stays with the modal window closed.