Cannot dismiss a modal by clicking the backdrop (ionic 6)

I migrated to ionic 6 recently and now I am unable to dismiss a modal by clicking the backdrop.

I find that the click is being blocked by this one element inside the ion-modal’s shadow DOM:
<div class="modal-shadow" style="opacity: 1;"></div>

In the inspector, I can solve this issue by adding display: none to the element above. However, in practice this wont work because the element isn’t accessible due to it being shadow DOM and not having a “part” property.

Any idea how I can make this work again?

I made sure that when I created the modal I added backdropDismiss: true. That should not be the problem.

Not sure why but I solved it by adding “--height: auto;” to ion-modal’s css. This dismissed the modal-shadow :sweat_smile:

not very intuitive