Popover behind modal


Hello i have problem, i created modal and popover. i show popover from modal in other words

when i open modal i have few items, when i click on that items i want to show popover with info about that items.

popover shows… but behind the modal, i changed z-index of popover and modal and its not working

someone fixed this problem?

ok!! for other poeple who wants the answer!! change the z-index of popover-backdrop in ionic.app.css !!


Having the same issue could you post some sample code on how you solved it


I confirm this bug. That’s because modal and popovers have the same z-index level:

$z-index-modal:                   10 !default;
$z-index-popover:                 10 !default;

_from variables.scss

Is there any constraints explaining this @jgw9617?