Popup has scrollbars in rc1.0.0

I am in the process of updating my app to the latest version of Ionic (the full release, woo no more beta!)

One thing I’ve noticed so far is the ionic popup seems to always display x and y scrollbars.
Why has this been done and what do I need to change overflow to on .popup-body to stop that happening?


Were you able to find any insight for this? I have the same thing on Android. Haven’t looked on iOS yet.


Hey @gylippus

I’m not sure why that change has happened but a fix I used is to put this into your css…

.popup .popup-body {
    overflow: hidden !important;


@mbrookson, I’ll use that and presume it will get fixed properly later. Thanks!

I can confirm I am getting the same problem. It was fine in beta14 but arrived in rc1. It seems to only be happening on the popup-body div.

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@mhartington Any ideas on this? Simple fix but I assume it shouldn’t be happening in the first place

Would you mind putting together a codepen of this?

rc0 codepin - http://codepen.io/nickh364/pen/emPNmJ
beta 14 codepin - http://codepen.io/nickh364/pen/bNmdey