List inside the popup scrolling


Hello. I need the list inside popup? but there are scrolling bug.

how to fix it?

Using Popups in Modals

Sorry, but which is the bug ?


I’m sorry, maybe the problem is not obvious:

in desktop i can scroll only by wheel.
in ios i have no bouncy scrolling


Can you create a plunker (or similar) to test via ios ipad/iphone ? Because the only things that I can think it is that the “body” element need to be in position:fixed otherwise the body scroll too.




Hi, Sorry, I have not see the codepen at the top of your post.
However I have test it with my ios6 (iphone 4s) and I can scroll inside the list without problem.

Or I have not undestand the problem…



The example runs correctly in my android phone too. But I ask if there is a way to show the scoll bar of the list immediatly, not only if the user tap the list


Have you found its solution??


i have no solution for scrolling


how have you done the pop up scrollable, i do exactly the same and the list has not scroll in desktop?


I just found the same thing happen to me.

Thought I was going to crazy, but I guess Ionic has already done it this way? On a desktop an only scroll with the wheel? I know firefox does show a scroll bar and you can drag it up and down, but chrome does not seem to do this.