Popup at splash screen, is that possible?

Hi Im building my app right now and i wonder if is that possible to show the user popup when there is splash screen?
I want to check for network, and if there is no network i will hide the splash screen, and open popup of “no internet connection”.
If its impossible with $ionicPopup, maybe its possible with $cordovaDialog?



Any suggestions someone?

Remember that Splash screen is an image, so this is what you do, on the .run() check for any necessary things you want to check and initiate your popup function.

So when the app loads after launch, it shows the splash screen which is an image and then show your popup.

But it won’t show the popup above the splash screen.
I dont want to hide the splash screen…

Maybe native popup will work?

Another option is to create a separate page only with image in order to simulate splash screen.

You could try to set this

<preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="false" />
In your config.xml in the root of your app. And then indeed on the run() function in your app.js show the popup.
And then manually after popup, hide the splashscreen with the following in your ready function in app.js

$ionicPlatform.ready(function () { navigator.splashscreen.hide(); });

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It is good enough option, thanks.

Of curse, that what i meant but the splash screen is above the webview app, so i want see the popup