Hide inappbrowser while splashscreen it's loading

Hi, i’m using inappbrowser to open a window on my web and doing login who it’s stored in the local storage (using javascript)…

I wanna hide the inappbrowser’s window while this process is running, but if the splash screen it’s loading and i do the this.browser.show appears the window and the splash screen go background.

There are any way to hide the automatic login process?


Have you already got a solution? I have the exact problem.

yeah, it’s quite easy. Just remove the splashcreen.hide() from app.component.ts (when the app runs) and config.xml (if you have autohide enabled) and then inject the plugin (for example in home.ts) and hide it when you want

Look at my “app.component.ts”:
What it does is open the inappbrowser since the application opens, without clicking any button (line 78).

My problem is that Inappbrowser loads up the splash screen, that is, the splash is not shown. Can you tell me the exact code? Please. I’m new with Ionic.


Note: I do not use “pages/home” only “app”. And, I don’t have “autohide” in config.xml.