Popover, modal and ng-tap/ng-click

On the main page, I have ng-tap/ng-click which works inconsistently. When I try double click on the button, it doesn’t cause any trouble. I am able to hide any popover by click anywhere outside the box.

A few buttons I have besides popover are openModal(a, b) buttons, it works fine. Same as the popover.

After I open the openModal(a, b), a modal view comes in. Here if I single-click the openPopover(a, b), it works as expected. But if I accidentally click twice because my buttons are not working consistently. It freezes, and I can’t close it unless I add closePopover() in my title. That is the only way I can hide my popover.

I tried the ng-dblclick=“return false”, it didn’t work. I used google devtool, event listener, it didn’t pick up double click :(.

Does anyone experience this before? could it be that I have multiple popover div ? (actually I have two, one for the main view, the other one is for the modal view)

Thanks in advance

Instead of modal, I use ion-view and now it is working.

does anyone know why using popover on top of modal causes this to happen?