Ng click in relation to button sizes

Is there a size limit to how small a button can be before it doesn’t work correctly?

No idea,
Partly it will depend on which device you will try;
If you have a big screen with low res I think you can go smaller in pixels than when you have a smaller but high res screen. The difference will be the detected area of your touch against the resolutioin it represents. In that sense you will have to also take into account the finger thickness of the user…
The only [absolute] testing can be done with a mouse but these values are not always good in reality.

You should try it out and learn by experimentation
Let us know if you tried it and what the results are.

Good luck

Thanks whizzkey, I am so sorry for not replying. I haven’t gotten around to try the button sizes and pixels.

I have other problem, which I am having a hard time solving.

If I have myModal open, then click on a button and it gives me a popover. I can click anywhere to close the popover, but Problem starts when I double click the button. It freezes the screen, and now I can’t use click outside the box to close it.

I tracked the click, it works fine. I check the backdrop class it doesn’t pick up the click.

Do u know what is going on here?

Hi @KimB,

It looks like you’re firing twice the popover and that is what makes it go funny I guess.

try adding
ng-dblclick="return false"
this will capture the doubleclick event instead of firing twice the ng-click.

you can also use ng-disabled and that may prevent the user from being able to click it twice. Don’t forget to reset this button when you close your popover…

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@whizzkey Please have a look at this