Popover vs Modal


I have popovers in my app. On phones I want to replace those popovers by fullscreen modals. Does anybody know how to do this???


Use ionic.Platform to check which OS is using the app, then do whatever you like according to it.


What I want is this:
In a menu I have a ng-click which opens a popover. But the popover doesn’t fit on a phone screen. My solution is to open the content in a modal that is fullscreen. It’s not about the OS. It’s about the size of the device. The problem is how to let a ng-click open the popover (that’s) what happens now instead open a modal with the content.


And in the relevant controller:

$scope.openPopOver = function() { 
      $ionicPopover.fromTemplateUrl('my-popover.html', {
          scope: $scope,
      }).then(function(popover) {


This is how you open a popover. Not quite the answers for my questions. In the meantime I have a solution. In the controller I call a function. In that function I decide wether to open the popover or open the modal. Decision is made on the device width.
Thank you for respondent do much