Popover in Footer

How can we get Popover in the footer to work?

The Popover should open on top of the footer.



This is not only a footer issue. The popover isn’t positioned correctly if opened from a place near the bottom of the screen as well. Try to show it for a list item that is at the bottom. The popover will be half off screen.

The other issue is the height. Why it is fixed? IMHO it should be auto adjusted to the number of items except situation there are more items than can fit in the screen.

@rafaellop for popover sizing lock at: Popover sizing as the popover contains a normal ion-content element it will be hard to auto size it, because it can have any type of content. Maybe an attribute in the ion-popover-view tag would be nice.

For positioning, I just tested in with a list and got to the same result as you, the popover should position it self based on the position on the screen. But this would result in the restriction that the popover never can have a size bigger than 50% of the screen.

FYI : There is an issue for this already : https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/2017

Maybe go add your request to it as well.

Not necessarily. Ideally, the popover should position itself above or below the ‘target’ element, based on the target’s position. The height should be dynamic, using up (at maximum) the remaining screen height, minus headers, padding, etc. Popover content can be wrapped in ion-content, to allow scrolling when content exceeds available height. Basically, it should work just the way an options popover displays from a select element on iPad.