Positioning ionic popover on top

Hello, I am using ionic beta 11.

I am using popover in myscreen. The issue is my popover is not getting displayed full at the bottom of the screen. Attached is the screen shot.

Is there any way I can get it on top if window height is less than my popover height?

Currently I set CSS top element to display my pop up always on top. But I want to get it align automatically.

Is there any way i can get this done?

 .custom-popup.shop-popup {
     top: 230px !important;


Did you log a bug for this ?

No I Didn’t. I did above mentioned hack and get going in my project.


Dang :slight_smile: Our iOS project only gets the position wrong (off bottom) on some sorts of phones, so we can’t fix it with global CSS.
I’ll have to try and reproduce it and log a bug if so.

Hm, this is a problem in my project for both iOS, Android, & browsers. It’s at the top though- if I tap an item close to the top of my main ion-content, the top of the popover bleeds off the edge of the screen. Is this a known issue in the 1.0 release?