How to manually control height and position of ionicPopover?

I come across a problem when using ionicPopover. My popover includes some horizontally aligned items. when the target element is clicked, there should be a popover floats above or below it accrording to its position.

I set the style of ion-popover-view as below:

<ion-popover-view style="background-color: black; height: auto; width: 220px; border-radius: 15px;">

As result, popover always floats below the target element. Like this:

If I remove the height: auto , popover can automatically float below or above the element, but the default height is too large.

Any idea to control both height and position of popover manually ?

Popover has some js running to position it self like you would see on android and ios.

So short answer, you’d have to customize the popover and make your own.

Hi i am using ionic popover with this jquery
//open popover here.

but i did not get popover position where i clicked.
it render it to corner position by delegate target.

is there is any way to fix the position of popover where i clicked in this case.