Plugin InAppBrowser and allow-navigation Problem on iOS

Hi all,

if I run my app in Xcode Simulator or Device (not livereload), I get an error on console.
if I click on image link.

ERROR Internal navigation rejected - not set for url='about:blank’

The App works fine.

I read in the forum that I should set in the config.xml in ionic to allow-navigation href="*"
If I do that, i have no error message but the inAppBrowser ist now in fullscreen without any UI elements and have no Back button to the App.

Can i ignore the Error in Xcode (ERROR Internal navigation rejected), or is here an solution?

Best regards

The added <allow navigation> with wildcard href should not cause those problems. It is probably something else that caused it.

But I am also looking for a different solution to the about:blank error, because I do not want to use a wildcard, for security reasons:

Hello. How did you solve this problem?

Hi Torsten,

Read your issue - can you please share the code with me? So I can look into it and get back to you with a solution.

Waiting to hear from you soon.