Allow-navigation prevents urls to be opened from mobile's browser

Hi everybody,
I encountered a strange problem, and not sure if it persisted in older iOS versions.

If you want to open a URL on click inside mobile’s default browser, you would probably do something like this: <a href="" /> and it works just fine.
The problem occurs if the URL is added to config.xml allow-navigation I.E <allow-navigation href="" />. It would just open URL inside CURRENT webview and not inside mobile’s browser.

Has anyone had the same problem or is this normal behaviour?

Hi, anyone had the same issue? Maybe I wasn’t so clear in the previous post: The problem is that I can’t open URLs in device’s default browser if I added these URLs in config.xml allow-navigation tag.

Thanks for the reply. I can’t use InApp Browser as the HTML content with <a href=""/> tags is retrieved from the service. I just inject that HTML content using innerHtml property.