[plugin] Announcing the ultimate biometric auth plugin for Capacitor 3

I am very happy to announce the second in my quartet of plugins to supercharge your Capacitor 3 development: BiometricAuth. :rocket: :fire:

If your app has login, you want this plugin. Key features include:

  • Supports every type of biometry on iOS and Android.

  • Supports every native biometry option on both platforms, including: full control over text prompts, button text, fallback option, and device credential fallback.

  • Super simple, easy to use API, fully typed with rich documentation.

  • Robust, extensive error handling with discrete error codes for easy i18n.

  • Built in callback for updating biometry status on app resume (because it can change during app suspend).

  • Fake biometry on the web so during development you can test your logic.

  • Demo app that shows every possible feature.

Check it out and enjoy! :grinning:

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