Info about ios fingerprint and faceID

i’m working on my first mobile application with capacitor/angular.
I would to know some information about to use fingerprint and faceID on IOS.
I have a simple login with username and password and i would to enable the users to login with fingerprint or faceID (depends from devices).
Where i can start to implement that? I don’t see in capacitor any specific plugin and i found only many different modules on github, usually with 2/3 years old.
Someone can give me a direction?

Ionic has a premium plugin Identity Vault that does this, but it is aimed at Enterprise companies/users that focuses on being highly secure and adaptable for large organizations; so probably not your use case!

You can create a custom plugin that uses native iOS code and bridge that to Capacitor. Apple has docs on how to add FaceID or TouchID to your app and you can use our plugin guide to make Capacitor plugins yourself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: