Platform specific style (more then merge/ folder)

Hi guys,

At work we’re planning to start building our app with iOS and Android feel like elements, icons, colors, buttons etc…

The first question is about icons, (already discussed here but the solution is not elegant as I want), when I put ion-android-system-home, on iOS env I’d like to use ion-ios7-home-outline or ion-ios7-home or default ion-home, but Ionic doesn’t offer an elegant way to do this today.

I would like to exist something like platform-* tags around my code to define icons, multiple icons, platform icons, default icons etc… this would be great to be even more flexible.

Somebody is using an approach to deal with platform specific styles? I’d like to hear to get some inspiration :slight_smile:

Header styles, iOS has menus in the footer, Android has menus in the header, Ionic Team is thinking about this? In the future we’ll be able to make one code that works with platform specific styles?

For example, on Android we use a lot of side menu, sandwich menu, but I heard that iOS design guidelines doesn’t like this sandwich menu. We’ll be able to write one code, and it reflect a platform specific style guide the feel like the platform?

I know we already have multiple styles, but, the problem is that this is actually multiple styles, we don’t have one way to put two styles in the same code. (I hope you understand what I’m saying)

buttons: On Android (specially Material Design), we have a bunch of new element, new interactions, and these guys have a awesome work. We’ll have these buttons and elements styles on Ionic?

How do you guys are building multiple platform apps? You are putting iOS style element on Android or are building apps with each platform styles?