How to handle difference in styles between ios and android?

I’m testing my app in iOS for the first time and see lots of styling differences. Before I go to fix those manually and individually, I’m wondering if there’s some global way to handle it?

One example among many: text in my items are uppercase on Android, and lowercase on iOS. I haven’t figured out if that’s because of an ion-button style or the class “text” yet.

I want the iOS to look like the Android version, or as close as possible.

I see the platform styles here:

Should I make individual styles, or is there some better way to handle it?

And if I have to make individual styles, is there a way to use an inline style to apply to just ios?

Mostly the best way is to not override the styles, because they are platform specific. Means a iOS User expected them as they are in the ios version and and android user as the android version.

If you want to set a style globally you can set it in the Ionic Config in the app.module.ts:

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