Platform folder not adding!

command: test name$ :ionic platform add ios
Updated the hooks directory to have execute permissions
Downloading Default Ionic Resources
[=============================] 100% 0.0s
Done adding default Ionic resources
Adding icons for platform: ios
Error: Platform ios already added.

^^ this is fine however when i open the app folder there is no “Platform” folder

because of this, when i try “ionic resources” it says no platform is added, and tells me to retype the command “ionic platform add iOS”, even though it says the platform is added.

Please help. Thanks.

I am also getting same error. I think problem in installation of cordova.
Fixed by remove platforms using ionic platform add ios[android],
and once again add ionic platform add ios[android]

first remove the platform then readd it, i believe you also have to do this when you add a cordova plugin.
Ionic platform rm ios
ionic platform add ios