Pin code lock for ionic app

Does there exist any plugin that does pin code authentication on app launch?

Update #1: I did find this plugin. Will see if it meets what I need(although it’s fingerprint instead of Pin code, but that’s fine)

Update #2: Lost with these error messages as shown in the pic(trying on Android device).

Below is the code I tried in app.component.ts:

this.faio.isAvailable().then((response) => {
  console.log('available response',response);
}).catch((error) => {
  console.error('available error',error);
    clientId: 'Fingerprint-Demo',
    clientSecret: 'password', //Only necessary for Android
    disableBackup:true,  //Only for Android(optional)
    localizedFallbackTitle: 'Use Pin', //Only for iOS
    localizedReason: 'Please authenticate' //Only for iOS
.then((result: any) => console.log('finger print demo',result))
.catch((error: any) => console.error('finger print demo error',error));

I do understand that fingerprint authentication is unavailable in Android for now, but what are the alternatives for this platform, or have I completely misunderstood anything? Thanks in advance.

Apparently, my android phone (OnePlus 3T) isn’t fingerprint compatible. Hence, the above error.