Android Fingerprint Auth for ionic 1

Hi all,

I am using ionic 1 application. i want to using plugin from ionic native (ionic 2).
when i using ionic native for Camera it’s work like this :

this code work in ionic 1:
// now we can call any of the functionality as documented in Native docs
function(res) {
console.log(“We have taken a picture!”, res);
// Run code to save the picture or use it elsewhere
console.error(“Error taking a picture”, err);

And I want to using Android Fingerprint Auth on ionic 1. but i dont know code on ionic 1. this below code only work on ionic 2 :

import { AndroidFingerprintAuth } from ‘ionic-native’;
.then((result)=> {
// it is available{ clientId: "myAppName", clientSecret: "so_encrypted_much_secure_very_secret" })
    .then(result => {
       if(result.withFingerprint) {
         console.log('Successfully authenticated with fingerprint!');
       } else if(result.withPassword) {
         console.log('Successfully authenticated with backup password!');
       } else console.log('Didn\'t authenticate!');
    .catch(error => console.error(error));

} else {
  // fingerprint auth isn't available

.catch(error => console.error(error));
source :

anyone can help me. how to using Android Fingerprint Auth in ionic 1 ?

thx before